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burdened with glorious purpose
17 July 2015 @ 23:29
Hello, fandom. I've been mostly absent from you for almost four months now. I've dipped my toes into LJ a couple of times, but I've spent the majority of my online time on Twitter. (I have a locked Twitter account, but it's not a state secret, so if you want it, let me know. I've just had it locked for years so RL people don't find me sometimes chatting about Harry/Draco or Nick Grimshaw/Harry Styles in between the photos of my cats.) I've also been on Tumblr again in the past few weeks because it's an easy distraction that I've really needed right now.

Anyway. Part of the reason I've been away has been because my mom's been incredibly ill. Most of you know she was diagnosed last summer with multiple myeloma (an incurable blood cancer) and over the past year we've discovered that she has the rarer, more aggressive type of the cancer. While she's responded well to chemo so far, the doctors have basically said she'll have to have harsher and harsher chemo every month for the rest of her life just to manage the cancer. So in the hopes of pushing the bad chemo back some and gaining her a bit more quality of life for the now, they decided to do a bone marrow transplant. The goal with the transplant isn't to eradicate the cancer--that's impossible--but to keep it at bay for a little while longer.

My mom checked into the hospital two weeks ago for the chemo that destroyed her immune system so that it could be built up again through an infusion of stem cells that they harvested from her body last month. I've been watching her fade a little more every day when I FaceTime her, to the point that sometimes she can barely stay awake longer than a couple of minutes to talk to me. Right now she's in the hardest part of the transplant trajectory, where something as simple as a bad fever could kill her. So far she's doing well, but it's hard to watch your mom get so sick, sicker than I've ever seen her, even before the cancer was diagnosed. I've cried more than once the past two weeks. She'll be in the hospital until sometime around the end of the month; Noe and I are going down to my hometown in August when she's released to help take care of her for a bit.

But today's my mom's 73rd birthday. She worked up until the week before she went into the hospital, and now she's super annoyed that she had to quit her job in order to undergo the 4-7 months of transplant recovery, which makes me both exasperated with her and adore her.

I have to admit I'm scared about all this, though. About whether or not she'll make it out of the hospital, and then what happens after that. She won't be cured of this cancer; the doctors have been very clear about that. So this might buy her some time, but I'm still having to face the fact that she's dying. It's been 11 years since my dad died and I still miss him constantly. I'm not certain I'm ready to lose my mom any time soon. Having to come to terms with that isn't easy, you know? I love my mom. Our relationship is complicated and has been for a really long time, and it's been difficult at moments, but the grace of going through this journey with her has been that maybe we've had a chance to put some of that away. All that matters right now is that she's my mom and I love her. Even when she drives me crazy. I don't want her to leave me yet.

So. I haven't been around much here. Like I said, Twitter and Tumblr are just easier at times, less difficult to dip a toe in as I have time. But I miss this place, and I miss fandom. It's hard, I think, when you've slipped away for a time. The longer you go, the harder it is to post. (I've had a version of this post written up in one form or another since the day my mom went into the hospital. It's just hard to hit post entry, you know?) So I guess this is me, hitting that button down there, to say hi and I'm sorry I haven't been around and life is hard sometimes and I really miss this place. A lot.


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burdened with glorious purpose
20 March 2015 @ 07:18
With TWO days left to go, Leviosa is only $1400 away from our funding goal. (Note that the con's happening regardless--full funding--or more!--just means we get more upfront marketing and special guest money, the latter of which is especially YAY for us track directors because it means it will help us get awesome people to talk to you guys!)

But seriously, you guys, $1400 left. *flails* WE CAN DO THIS! I know some of you can't do the registration yet, even if you're thinking about it. That's cool! We'll still have lots of registrations even after the IGG ends! But if you've been on the fence about our awesome slash pack, you'd best get it now. I'm not entirely sure if it'll be offered again, and it is AMAZING. I mean, really, the art you'll be getting with it is awesome, and dysonrules has been tracking down art from H/D, Snarry, Remus/Sirius and other slash fanartists for the coasters, so you can pick what pairing you'd like to have! (And seriously I love the idea of carrying that tote with chibitoaster's art around town. \0/ \0/ \0/) LET'S SELL OUT THAT PACK, GUYS. :D

You can donate here, and for all of you who do or have done, bless you. I cannot tell you how excited Noe and I are about heading up the Slash and Queer Lit track--we have so many ideas already bubbling around in our heads for it! Buy a slash pack! Help us get some awesome special guests in! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3



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18 March 2015 @ 17:49

And if you’re thinking about going, there are only THREE MORE DAYS left to get your early bird registration at a $25 discount through our IndieGoGo, or pick up one of our other awesome perks for being an early supporter of the con--like our FANTASTIC Slash Pack for only a $35 donation.

Get ‘em quick--by Saturday, March 21, the IndieGoGo will end!

Donate now!


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Oh, yeah, baby, I could go for one of these right now. *kicks off heels and happily settles down between Pansy and Draco on the sofa*

Originally posted by bonsaibetz at Happy St. Patrick's Day, AKA Wearing O' the Green, AKA Slytherin Pride Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We’re celebrating with our favorite new concoction—the SlytherGIN. It’s green, zesty & has just the right sour kick.

Just one of the many drinks you can enjoy at Leviosa in 2016! We’ve got one for every House, plus some. Yum.

Remember, there are only four days left to Leviosa's IndieGoGo campaign. Pick up your Harry Potter Swag, exclusive Slash Pack or early bird registration now before time runs out.

Leviosa will happen, whether Leviosa reached its funding goal of $15,000 or not.  But if we reach the $15,000, then we will have less fees we must pay to IndieGoGo (they charge more fees if you don't reach your goal) and that means more money to spend on programming and special guests for the event.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

burdened with glorious purpose
Originally posted by bonsaibetz at Leviosa has expanded our Slash Track to include Queer Lit

As posted on our Facebook page:

We've updated the name & expanded the focus of our Slash Track--now the Slash & Queer Lit Track. This expanded focus will allow for more discussion of any/all topics related to LGBTQA, both relating to Harry Potter and more broadly relating to literature, fandom and society.

Who wants to celebrate by grabbing a Slash Pack from our IndieGoGo? http://igg.me/at/leviosa

Here is some more information on our Slash and Queer Lit Track that is chaired by femmequixotic and noeon

Leviosa is the first convention of its kind to dedicate an entire track of programming to slash & queer lit–most of the organizers are slashers, and understand the importance of slash and the role it plays in Harry Potter fandom, as well as the value of queer lit, visibility & social justice topics. We are dedicated to provide a safe and open space to discuss not only the place of slash within fannish communities but also the increasing importance of diversity in books and the representation of queer and other marginalized orientations and gender identities in all media. Both of our track directors are queer women who have been involved in the slash community for over a decade and who have a personal interest in the promotion and study of queer literature for all ages. This track will include the following topics:

  • Shipping panels for both slash and femmeslash pairings (ie: Harry/Draco, Snarry, Snaco, Hermione/Ginny, Ginny/Luna etc.)

  • Fanart panels

  • LGBTQ in HP (and/or: the importance of representation & lack thereof in HP canon)

  • Meta panels about issues in/around slash fandom

  • Slash panels for other fandoms–Sherlock, Supernatural, Marvelverse, etc.

  • Panels on m/m ebooks and original queer fiction

  • Panels on diversity within mainstream publishing and on the importance of gay YA

  • Panels for queer readers/writers, both in fandom and out!

Have questions or just need to get in touch: slash@leviosa.org

ETA: Also you can still get our slash packs here for a $35 donation!!! <3 <3 <3 And I am so excited about the opportunities to expand this track into a full LGBTQA track that encompasses fannish work and original work--it's going to be amazing. Come join us next year! -- Femme
burdened with glorious purpose
07 March 2015 @ 10:33

So, the Leviosa staff has been working hard to put together a special slash pack perk for our IndieGoGo and it just went live today. We have some AMAZING stuff.

If you donate $35 to the Leviosa IndieGoGo, you get a slashy tote and buttons that I designed and that feature some brand new, made-for-Leviosa art done by our amazing chibitoaster (Harry/Draco, Snarry, and Remus/Sirius!) as well as a custom necklace charm for YOUR pairing and a two-coaster set (both made by dysonrules) and featuring art by amazing artists like raitala, oldenuf2nb, 8c/PukingPastilles, and iwao. (Post-IndieGoGo we'll be contacting you about pairing and art choices!) The whole collection has been curated by me, Dyson and Noe, and we're all thrilled to be able to offer it to you guys.

There are only 100 of these babies available, so get yours ASAP, whether or not you can make it to the con itself. It's a great price for all these fantastically slashy items, and you get to support a Harry Potter con with a DEDICATED slash track next year that Noe and I are thrilled to be planning. *flails* I CANNOT WAIT.

Leviosa is going to be so fantastic! Help us get it off the ground, and please, please signal boost this if you can, everywhere you can--LJ, Twitter, Tumblr, everywhere! <3 <3 <3



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01 March 2015 @ 22:17

Are you getting excited yet? This weekend was the site visit to our hotel, which Noe and I are sadface not to have attended, since the buttload of snow here in the Northeast this winter made it impossible for us to take time off. *gnashes teeth about missing the warmth of Vegas*

Now we need your help! We're running an IndieGoGo to help raise funds--and for the next three weeks you can save money by purchasing an early bird registration! Or donate any amount from $1 up if you're not certain you can attend yet! Help us get this con up and running! \0/

And check out the site visit pics from our Instagram. THIS HOTEL IS AMAZING. WHY AM I NOT THERE RIGHT NOW? STUPID WINTER. >:(


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burdened with glorious purpose
05 January 2015 @ 17:01
2014 was an odd year. On the one hand, it was my first year of being married to noeon, who is the best spouse I could ever have asked for, and it was the year I graduated from one of Harvard's grad schools. Both were amazing, wonderful moments in my life that I treasure dearly.

And then 2014 was the year I found out I'm going to lose my mom soon, and this autumn I spiraled into the worst depression I've had since 1997-1998 (which was a pretty fucking bad experience back then, let me tell you, and which landed me in some hardcore therapy sessions.) The past few months in particular have been incredibly grim for me as I've struggled tooth and nail to keep from falling deeper into the abyss of depression. It hasn't been easy. I've cried more than I have in a very long time; I've had days where even taking a shower seemed to be too exhausting and overwhelming; I've spent some afternoons curled up in bed doing nothing but sleeping. Depression and anxiety and grief have sunk their roots into my very body, twisting through me until they've made themselves manifest in symptoms that have caused me physical pain and have made me viciously ill. There have been some days when all I could do was sit crosslegged in an armchair with two (or three) cats draped across me, all of them worried about me, as I've felt a terrifying nothingness, that blank darkness that stretches out in front of the abyss, like the Black Thing in Madeline L'Engle's A Wrinkle in Time that zaps out all the stars as it makes its way across the universe.

Depression is an awful ocean of loneliness...Collapse )

I suck at New Year's Resolutions--I never manage to keep them--but if I can claim space in 2015 for what I want the year to be, then I'd say creativity--surrounding myself with writing and drawing and working through the ways in which I've blocked my own creativity in recent years. In more concrete terms I want to finish an original novel, I want to work through Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way in these first few still-wintery months, and I want to read at least one novel a week. We'll see how that goes. For the most part, though, I just want to feel like myself again.

Sigh. It's taken me four days to write this post, going back and forth as to whether any of this even needs to be said out loud. I think it does, at least to my need to speak truth to myself, so maybe I should just hit fucking post.


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01 January 2015 @ 00:18
Made it home from Christmas. Suffice it to say there were lovely moments and then there were moments that were really painful but I suppose that's to be expected. My mom's in less pain now that her hip's not, you know, broken (we suspect the fracture that caused the hip replacement had been there since she came up for my graduation in May), but she's dealing with so much serious illness (the cancer, her congestive heart failure, and stage III kidney disease on top of the hip replacement) that it's just hard to see her as frail as she was. Also, my siblings are incapable of dealing with the reality of my mother's impending death, so Noe and I ended up having to have conversations with her about practicalities like funeral prep and stuff like that. Holiday fun times.


I was really lucky with gifts in Erised and Yuletide, and I want to pass that joy along.

My Yuletide gift was from the In the Flesh fandom, which I fell in love with this summer. If you haven't had a chance to see this amazing TV show from the BBC, you should. It takes the idea of a zombie uprising and turns it on its head. I love it SO much, and my Yuletide story was ann amazing little fic from the POV of Amy Dyer, who is one of my favourite characters. *hearteyes* If you've seen the series, it picks up right after and is an awesome coda about what happens to Amy's body after it's stolen from her second grave. IT IS AMAZING.

Lost on the Way Home by [archiveofourown.org profile] aqualined

Then in Erised, I was gifted with a gorgeous art set on Christmas Day that just made a really difficult day so much better. It's no secret that I adore the kids from the epilogue (even though I have issues with the epilogue itself), and my not-so-mysterious (*HUGE HUGS*) artist created a series of beautiful portraits of Harry and Draco's children (and Narcissa!) that were used to weave a delightful tale about Harry and Draco sneaking away from their wedding reception to have a bit of alone time. (And the art of Harry and Draco together is delicious!) You should all go look at it right now, if you haven't, and give lots of love to the artist. :D

Has Anyone Seen The Grooms by Anonymous at hd_erised

Also, speaking of Erised, I really want to rec a fic that I had the opportunity to help beta and which is a lovely, scrumptious little nugget of H/D. It's charming and sweet and I really, really love the Harry and Draco that the author's created. Go read it. It'll leave a smile on your face.

Completely Amazing by Anonymous at hd_erised

I hope you're all having a lovely New Year's Eve and even better New Year's Day. Happy 2015!


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19 November 2014 @ 18:47
Dear gracerene,

You are such an amazing person and such a delight to share a fandom with. Noe and I wanted to say thank you so much for all you do, and to wish you an extremely happy birthday this year. So we thought we'd send a little fic your way.

Much, much love,
Femme & Noe

Title: Wolfish
Authors: femmequixotic and noeon
Summary: With wolves surrounding him, Draco seeks safe haven. But, as his godfather warns him, wolves come in many forms.
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Word count: 7047
Content: Seventh year AU, Little Red Riding Hood trope, NOT canon compliant
Note: Some dialogue/action has been taken from the Malfoy Manor chapter of Deathly Hallows, with no commercial purpose, just a wish to acknowledge canon while twisting it as well. :)

Read it on AO3


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burdened with glorious purpose
06 November 2014 @ 20:44
So I have two half-written, much more cheerful updates that I'd meant to post this week, but my mom got admitted to hospital AGAIN last night with a broken hip, which she's probably had for several weeks at least. (Her cancer often causes fractures by weakening the bones.)

Anyway. It's taken the orthopedic surgeons all day to speak to her oncologist and cardiologist to determine whether or not she can even go under anesthesia. They finally made the call tonight, and she'll be going under tomorrow morning at some point (they weren't sure when yet) to have a partial hip replacement.

For those of you keeping score, this is now my mom's fourth hospitalization since the beginning of August.

Also last week we found out that she has a genetic mutation that sometimes happens with myeloma, which makes her cancer much more aggressive and causes her to relapse more quickly than most other myeloma patients. The doctors are considering a bone marrow transplant--the jury's still out on whether or not it's a good fit for her--but if they go ahead with it, this genetic mutation means that she'll relapse in two years or less, rather than the usual 5-7 years people get with the transplant. If she doesn't have the transplant, the chemo that she's currently responding to well will stop working and she'll have to undergo harsher and more problematic chemo regimens.

I know my mom's dying. She will never be cured of this cancer; it will at some point in the next few years kill her. It's hard for me to see this happening, and it's even harder to be so far away. My sister has to bear the brunt of it, which isn't fair, but things just suck right now, and I honestly don't know what to do. I'm feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, and I REALLY should be writing Erised right now, but honestly? I've had four difficult phone calls in the past 24 hours that just emotionally imploded me, so about all I'm capable of doing is sitting on the couch, eating the cupcakes my wonderfully supportive, amazingly sweet wife just brought me and watching whatever stupid kid's movies I can pull up on On Demand. I'll feel guilty about not writing later.


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19 October 2014 @ 11:31
Hello, lovely author!

First of all, let me start out by saying THANK YOU. I am so excited to see what you'll craft for me, and I'm so grateful for your gift of time, talent, and fannish glee. <3 <3 <3

I am femmequixotic here, Femme on A03, and quixoticfemme on Tumblr. Feel free to poke around, if it helps. :)

For the most part, I am more interested in plot than porn. Although I'm not opposed to sexytimes, I prefer the focus to be on character and/or plot development rather than just, well, getting off. I like complicated characters, characters who are morally ambiguous, characters who are conflicted about who they are and/or what they want from another individual or situation, characters who are emotionally lost and looking for comfort. I like snark and banter, vulnerability tinged with a fear of being too open or trusting, angst as long as there’s a happy ending. As a bisexual, I love bisexual visibility. I like mysteries, politics, countryside!fic, well-done AUs, amazing kisses, kittens(!!!), fluff (or angsty fluff), kids and the trials of blended families, coming out fic, and asexual characters (main or otherwise). If you're up for it, I also like mpreg. (Yeah, I know. But still. *g*) I like slash/femmeslash and het, friendship and gen--basically whatever relationship angle the story you're writing calls for, I'll like. I'll mention some ships below, but if you'd rather write gen/friendship fic, that's perfectly okay with me.

On to the Fandoms!Collapse )
burdened with glorious purpose
I'm having one of those weeks where nothing goes right and I feel like I'm doing life wrong. So to make myself feel better today I've been blasting this song over and over at the highest decibels possible and dancing around my apartment. You would not believe how effective it is.

'Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play
And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
Shake it off, I shake it off

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, TAY TAY. You make even my worst weeks feel survivable. *shakes boo-tay*



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12 October 2014 @ 01:31
That moment when you're skimming through tumblr instead of going to bed at a decent hour, and you discover that a photo of your Quidditch-themed wedding cake has made it onto tumblr.


I really ought to put a picture up of my Harry Potter paper wedding bouquet at some point. Because it is even more awesome.

Goddamn, I need to go to bed.


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So....anyone interested in a HP con in the summer of 2016 in Vegas? Because Noe and I just might be planning out the slash track for



We're in the beginning stages, but check out our website where you can sign up for our newsletter AND take our survey to let us know what you'd like to see in an HP con.


I AM SO EXCITED! I had so much fun planning fannish programming for Ascendio and this con is going to be just as fantastic. :D :D :D :D


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Do you ever have a feeling that a week is cursed?

Because Sunday afternoon I fell in a hallway and banged up my knee. An hour later I fell off a 2.5 foot ledge in my basement that I didn't see onto a sloping concrete floor and tore most of the skin off my upper shin, bruising it in the process. Monday I didn't go out of the house. Tuesday I went out and managed to pull a muscle in my butt getting groceries upstairs. (Yeah, I don't know, either.)


Today I came back from work, started to cook some lunch, managed to burn it, AND THEN SET OFF THE FUCKING FIRE ALARM in the building, causing two fire trucks and a multitude of firemen to descend upon me. (This has never happened to me before.) The cats are so traumatized by this event that they won't even come out from under the bed now.

I mean, seriously, what the fuck. I'm considering spending the next few days in bed with the covers over my head.

I just can't even. Really. /0\


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY sassy_cissa

You are an amazing woman--funny and smart and sweet and one of the absolute dearest people I know. I'm so grateful to have you in my life. HUGE HEARTS, BB. HUGE ONES.



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23 September 2014 @ 22:04
New job is great, although having a lot of info/processes thrown at me all at once today kinda exhausted my brain. Still, I think I'm going to like it a lot. Also they're paying me super-well, so I cannot complain on that front. I just have to rewire my brain from grad school mode back into office mode again. Also, I'm still recovering from a cold/virusy thing so I think it's going to have to be an early bed for me tonight. :(

But on the positivity side of things....

1. I had a great talk with my mom tonight and she sounded really upbeat and happy, so that was awesome. It's been a while since she sounded that emotionally good.

2. My cats are awesome. All three of them have spent some amount of time tonight sprawled across me, purring loudly. While I recognize that some of this is because I am warm and they're getting cold with the onset of autumn, I still choose to think it's because they love and adore me, ahahaha. Yeah.

3. Okay, so this last one has been making me wicked happy the past couple of days. I stumbled on (My) Immortal: The Web Series and basically marathoned the whole two series in one sitting. YOU GUYZ. Who has seen this? Is it not AWESOME? OMG. Explodes in sploodges of MI:TWS and H/D FEELS, OKAY?Collapse )

*considers nominating it for Yuletide*

The masterpost for the whole series is here. Watch it, although do not under any circumstances expect canon-compliance--not even, really, to whatever might possibly be called My Immortal canon, lolz. But if you give it a chance, I guarantee by the end of it you'll find yourself terribly charmed by...




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22 September 2014 @ 07:54
*waves sleepily* Good morning, flist. Sorry I haven’t been around much the past couple of weeks. To say they’ve been busy has been an understatement. I have managed to peek in now and then to keep up with things a little, but for the most part my life has been a cyclic series of AAAAHHH and UGGGGH and OMGWTF lately. But as of this week I am going to make a concentrated effort to be more present around here. *crosses fingers and toes and glares at life*

To start off, I’ve loved reading the positivity memes in my flist skims, so, seeing as how I’m feeling a wee bit blue at the moment and focusing on the positive things in my life will cheer me up (not to mention give me something to post about), I’ma gonna do it. :)

1. I have a job that I’m going to start this week! It’s less than part time, and it’s mostly administrative work, but I get to interact a lot with teenagers, which is super-exciting for me. I’ve discovered that I’m one of those weirdos who really actually likes and enjoys teenagers, especially teenage girls. Go figure. :) Also even a little bit of money right now is awesome and helps support the writing endeavors.

2. My mom’s chemo is working well—she’s just dropped down from twice a week to once a week because her bloodwork was so good. Fingers crossed it stays that way for the rest of this round and that by Christmas the damn cancer is knocked into remission. She’s also managed to avoid going back into the hospital this month, so yay for that.

3. I like soundscapes a lot—creating a mood with ambient noise and/or music really helps me to Zen out, which I desperately need right now. My favorite at the moment is to combine this online ocean noise generator with Fleetwood Mac’s instrumental Albatross on repeat. (This was suggested by someone on that website and it’s so amazing. Best. Idea. Ever.) You can get Albatross on Spotify, if you have it, and set it on repeat, (my preference) or use this 1-hour YouTube loop of it. Instant bliss, especially when I’m curled up on the sofa, tucked beneath a blanket, and the lights are dim. *breathes out peacefully*

4. Perhaps this one’s silly, but still. It made me stupid happy last week. My non-HP OTP consists of Nick Grimshaw (he of BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show fame) and Harry “my hair is so floppy” Styles (mah bb). I love them. Like LOVE them. Almost as much as I love Harry and Draco. So a lot, yeah? And I mean, I also love them individually, outside of a fictitious RPS relationship. They just make me ridiculously happy with their stupid adorable faces and their bromance. They are mah woobies. Anyway, long story short, two years ago Nick did this bit on his morning radio show where he was talking about making Jamie Oliver’s spinach-feta filo pie for one of his friends on the weekend and it taking forever. We know this friend was most probably Harry Styles because we have pictures of the two of them grocery shopping at Waitrose that day (and Nick talked on-air about having to go grocery shopping at Waitrose.) So. Yes. Seems legit, right? Anyway. Last week Nick talked again about the making of that spinach feta filo pie and how long it took to make the damn thing—AND he said when he'd made it, it was in order to woo someone. Cue the entire Gryles fandom having a complete nervous breakdown. THAT WAS AWESOME. I will now tin hat the spinach feta pie until the cows come home. *sticks fingers in ears and lalalas* I don’t care what anyone says, Nicholas was trying to woo Master Styles two years ago with that damn pie. INDEED HE WAS. (Because, seriously, why wouldn’t you? I would. And so would my wife. *G*) So yes. That was an awesome fandom moment that gave me heart-eyes.


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30 August 2014 @ 22:21
Thank you all for the kind messages on my last post three+ weeks ago (ARGH), and please forgive my silence lately in replies and email. Even though we moved the first week of August, we only got internet in our new place this evening (our lovely if tiny apartment is provided by my wife’s workplace, so there has been their red tape to go through, not to mention fuckery from Comcast which has also slowed the whole process down.)

A brief update on my mom—she went into the hospital again a little over two weeks ago, spending one night in the critical care unit, with sepsis. She’s okay now, but some secondary issues have come up with her sciatica (possibly enhanced by the chemo) which caused the doctors to put her in a rehab hospital in order to correct them before she can go back to her chemo treatments. She’s hopefully going to get released again on Monday, but that’ll mean she’s spent basically one week of August outside of a hospital The whole situation has exhausted my entire family emotionally and physically. My poor wife has had to put up with my bursting into tears for no obvious reason repeatedly the past couple of weeks.

It’s also weird to be adjusting to being jobless. This month has been the first time this summer I’ve really had to experience that, since I worked through June and July was centered around my writing workshop. I’m fortunate to be in a situation where I can spend some time focusing on my writing, but the only time I’ve not worked in some form since I was fourteen was the 10 months I was laid off in 2006. Now that we’re finally unpacked and settled I’m hoping I can get back into a daily writing routine. I have some fics, both fest and otherwise that I need to get done soon and which I’m hoping will catapult me into my original fic writing. And I might have an opportunity to do 10 hours a week of work at Noe’s workplace. Which will at least make me feel less like a Useless Lump, a feeling which is only exacerbated by everyone I meet asking me what I do. I want to just start holding up a sign that says “Unemployed Former Grad Student AKA Useless Lump,” but that would probably be a little too rude.

Anyway. I should be around a bit more, at least after this weekend, which is super busy for both Noe and I. Fingers crossed for that…


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